Why no proxy on firewall?

Why no proxy on firewall?

Firewalls and proxy servers exist two systems to ensure the security of computers and networks? Companies providing firewall software also create anti-viruses and spyware . Proxy servers are a combination of hardware and software and perform many different tasks . Firewall security.

firewalls block incoming connections to a computer. An unknown party could try to connect to the network of a business or a personal computer to sneak a piece of software harmful to it. If unexpected connections are not allowed on the computer, the action of downloading a harmful program is a little more difficult. However, the computer user could unintentionally choose to download a virus to the computer, believing that the file is something else. Viruses and mount them on a computer in an email attachment or pass for a well-known program, or as music or video file . Firewalls cannot block this registration mode, which is why anti-virus software generally goes hand in hand with firewall software. Anti-virus software detects viruses both to the point of downloading and also checks by the computer to ensure that none have already done on the hard drive .
Proxy security

a proxy is a separate computer that is in the computer or network it protects . A network proxy server is the only computer on the network with Internet access . No computer on the network is authorized direct contact with any computer outside the network . Network computers request the proxy server for resources outside the network and the proxy then goes and recovers it . It returns the requested resource on a separate connection from that used to find the required information. This provides enhanced security for a firewall. The proxies do not pass on the content of the program, only the data . The proxy itself can be vulnerable to attack and therefore need anti-virus software.


firewalls are common for personal computers . A virus could destroy all owners of favorite computer files, such as music and video. Trojans take control of the web browser and open ads several times, making the computer unusable. Malware can overload the computer causing crashing . He can even order the owner of the computer to delete the essential files and make the computer unusable . Firewalls are necessary to protect the computer and its contents. In social networks, the need for security is even greater . Companies are more likely to use a combination of proxy server, firewall and anti-virus software.
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While firewalls reside on the protected computer, the configuration of a proxy server on a separate computer allows the introduction of other services . For example, a company does not need to have its own proxy server . It can be outsourced . Individuals can also choose to use a proxy server provided by a company and accessible on the Internet. These proxy servers are available in two forms, either as a list of addresses and ports of proxy servers, which by the user in the configuration of his web browser, or a website that the user visits to visit a web page. indirectly through the proxy server . This service is available both as a free service or on subscription .

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