Who are the actors of Proxy CRM?

Who are the actors of Proxy CRM?

You have a specific product brand and it needs the right amount of notoriety to make it a success. Even with a trained sales team, support staff and a super product, you need good coordination and good management to take the next step.

A combined sales automation program with artificial intelligence can help you achieve your business goals while planning well in advance. The new CRM era not only supports potential sales, but also ensures customer satisfaction through integrated tools to provide them with the help they need.

1. Choose the right CRM for small businesses

We see dozens of CRM products on the market, many of which are advertised as targeted sales and marketing. They will confuse you with the features and additional tools they offer. Before choosing a CRM for small businesses, we must first have a few points in mind.

1.1 To determine your needs

Examine what is missing from your current CRM software and the possibilities for improvement. Or is it the first time you’ve tested one ? Then it would be better if you had all the basics and more here.

As an experienced user, you should consider the parameters of your current system in terms of prospect management, sales funnels, email tracking, customer experience, etc.

What you want to achieve with shorter and longer goals is essential when choosing the CRM. Whether it’s increasing conversion rates, to shorten the sales cycle, improve customer service or improve teamwork, it is essential to understand the requirements to achieve your objectives.

1.2 Budget

The monthly cost per user starts at $ 9 and can be much higher. Calculate costs in advance and set a monthly budget that goes into the CRM to manage all the key aspects of your business. Ask yourself if the long-term benefits cover costs with a comfortable margin.

With the CRM cloud offered in SaaS mode, you can take monthly services and pay a subscription to the company. Optimization here is the only way to reach the break even when your business is large or has low server costs.

1.3 CRM with scalability

Currently, your business may not be the biggest player in the industry and the business is small, but it only grows over time, while taking into account market fluctuations . You need an evolving CRM when needed. The worst part of a boom is being held back by a system that limits growth.

1.4 The role of AI

Marketing is a constantly evolving dynamic disciple. You cannot count on a rigid set of data, models or even rules. The key here is to adapt to changing times. Custom Relationship Management (CRM) software / service supports sales of the marketing team and therefore needs to quickly absorb the changes to provide valuable assistance.

AI is a powerful tool that learns from past data, behaviors and trends. The AI can use all kinds of previous information and data to provide a more informed proposal on the way forward, which helps make crucial decisions.

It was just the backend part of the business; Artificial intelligence can also help clients with assistance and even become active agents for calls using chatbots. Make customers feel heard while offering help before joining an agent in the queue.

1.5 User experience

The ultimate goal of all CRM solutions is to improve sales and strengthen trade relations. Different solutions offer different functions for different departments and professionals. Product-oriented companies need a CRM with better after-sales functionality to help customers, while service-oriented companies need tools to maintain service agreements with their customers.

It is rare to see a CRM that can respond to all types of businesses. You must seek solutions that meet the specific needs of the team.

1.6 Reports and analyzes

Effective and accurate reporting forms the basis for sound decision-making. And the first step means that the data is recorded correctly, separated and recorded systematically.

Once this is in place, you can start the analysis part, where the CRM helps you identify weaknesses and individual performances. This helps to determine who needs more education and who deserves a higher commission or promotion.

1.7 Integration with the existing system

It is important to find a CRM that complements and works well with the existing system. We must remember that changes in CRM can have a short-term impact on overall sales and performance. The only way to go is to closely monitor the transition and perform calibrations for transparent adjustments.

1.8 Robust support

Things are likely to derail or end up in a rapidly changing business due to human or technical faults. We cannot let it slow us down and hinder the business.

The CRM software / application must support service agreements to remove all obstacles en route for fluid operation with almost no interruption in daily operations.

1.9 Learning curve

Difficult processes are like the other side of Google’s search results; nobody wants to go there. An ideal CRM should be simple and intuitive to use, regardless of the level of expertise of the user.

The learning curve must be short and fruitful, without dragging time. Mixing support documents for each feature is not a good sign for a functionally rich CRM. The idea here is to increase productivity and sales, but that would not happen when staff were wrong about how to operate a function.

2. Best CRM systems for small businesses 2022


Ideal for – companies looking for a high level of personalization with a particular focus on workflows and tasks.

Formerly known as the dapulse, Monday.com provides a project-oriented CRM that focuses on growing businesses as well as large business chains. Here we feel connected from different platforms without worrying about losing data.

Like others, there is a free two-week trial period without the need to share credit card information.


  • As an entrepreneur, it is natural to be about to launch large projects in the port or to work with expansion plans. You can still track your company’s main activities through the MondayCRM application, available for several mobile and computer platforms.
  • Organize all contacts according to their priority. Keep individual contact sheets and a complete context, including data such as tasks, documents, cases and activities.
  • Categorize your customers and your objectives according to the territories. Assign them a specialized group of sellers for higher conversions.
  • Create custom automation in a few clicks on the dashboard without requiring complex installation. For example, send an email when a particular commercial agent records a sale.
  • An excellent market for applications to be integrated into CRM to add new functionalities. You will find paid and free applications on the market.
  • Capture potential customers directly from the CRM dashboard with the official integration of Facebook advertisements. Manage all your advertising campaigns from one place
  • Visualize all of your design creations and processes for workflows directly into Adobe’s creative clouds


  • Limited article card formatting options.
  • Difficulty adding different maps to Monday.com, as well as problems with specific geolocation using coordinates.
  • The user interface becomes swollen and slow when a large number of objects are displayed together.
  • No live help cat is available


Price (annual)$ 8 / place / month.$ 10 / place / month.$ 16 / place / month.
File managementYesYesYes
Activity journal1 week6 months1 year
Divisible formsYesYesYes
Advanced ResearchNoYesYes
Adaptation of formsNoYesYes
File storage5 GB20 GB100 GB
Dashboards1 environment per dashboard5 environments per dashboard10 environments per dashboard


Ideal for – companies wishing to embark on the CRM for the first time, generally small or medium.

Freshsales by Freshworks is a very good attempt to provide a unified CRM system without frills. They worked hard on the whole system for a while to provide a wider range of integration with other services.

They offer two different packages – Sales CRM & Sales and Marketing CRM


  • Tailor-made sales activity according to your needs and changing habits. Add more personalized fields such as participation in training, offline meetings and other events. Detect deviations and changes in conversion to refine the whole process.
  • Take a seat in other heights with the care of several languages as well as the care of several currencies. Let your customers make payments in their favorite currency and feel a sense of confidence.
  • Categorize your customers and your objectives according to the territories. Assign them to a specialized group of sellers for higher conversions.
  • The advanced communication function allows you to integrate WhatsApp, iMessage, Zoom, which allows you to read and respond to messages on these applications from the Freshsales CRM application
  • Maintain team communication at the top with private Slack channels.
  • Get on board with the AI to make better business decisions. Freddy AI gives you the best after the best possible action based on previous data and performance. It also helps predict the likelihood of success for businesses through CRM
  • Full API access to your account with third-party applications to connect to various data sources.


  • Not suitable for larger expanding businesses than medium-sized businesses. Does not have the capacity to evolve beyond a point.
  • Unequal access to support staff is disappointing, as competitors offer a dedicated helpline and a live cat.
  • Expensive for large companies with less use during seasonal periods.
  • No integration of IVR and SMS to develop Asian markets.


Price$ 15 / month$ 13 / month$ 69 / month
Chronology of activitiesYesYesYes
Offline eventsNoYesYes
Activities dashboardYesYesYes
Automatic allocation rules for contacts, accounts, offersNo50 per module100 per module
Several sales pipelinesNo1010
Sales teamNoYesYes
E-mail sequences for sales sequences (per user)500 / day1000 / day2000 / day


Ideal for – industries and businesses that need specialized CRM tools to achieve the desired results

Hubspot is a pioneer in the CRM industry with an imprint in all service and product segments. Powered by a solid stock of CRM applications with associated tools, consumers will not have to look elsewhere.

Like most of the services mentioned here, you can try one of the hubs – Marketing, Sales, Service, CMS and Operations. An individual demo is also available.


  • Free live chat to be included on your CRM website in all packages. Interact in real time with your potential customers and existing customers to establish relationships on a pedestal.
  • Get a clear real-time view of your sales pipeline on a centralized and purified dashboard. All reports on business activity, productivity, conversion of potential customers, as well as individual results, can be easily viewed.
  • Store and display up to 15 million contacts in total, with no expiration date, but with unlimited data on all packages. Whether you are a team of 1 or 10,000, take advantage of the same quota.
  • Capture new prospects in a more organized way and develop your database in a short time. Fill in the information and HubSpot CRM will do the rest by cleaning, enriching and tracing each contact.
  • Give your customer support staff the power of a single inbox for centralized communication. Manage, view and assign conversations from a single conversation pipeline.
  • Take advantage of more than 940 integration applications and services to increase your productivity and improve conversions. HubSpot can synchronize with dozens of main applications.
  • HubSpot also offers a centralized tool to track all of your sales content by tracking documents.


  • Global workflows are difficult for beginners to understand
  • Boring method of updating announcements via the calendar without the possibility of mass modification.
  • Lack of data in website analysis, such as duration of visit, location of each visit, etc.
  • There is no easy way to access “large screen data” for the entire CRM


Price$ 45 / month$ 800 / month$ 3,200 / month
Shared inbox1Up to 100Up to 100
Personalized properties1,0001,0001,000
Personalized user authorizationsYesYesYes
Personalized blogNoNoYes
Standard SSL certificateNoYesYes
Accommodation and video managementNoUp to 250 videosUp to 250 videos


Ideal for – E-commerce companies, B2C and B2B that work with varying degrees of customers.

One of the leaders in the CRM industry will find ActiveCampaign on the verge of success in managing clients with the greatest efficiency.

Start immediately with a free plan that is one of the fastest implementations we have seen so far. You have free migration and training on each subscription to start with.


  • Get to know the service better with Accelerated Onboarding This is a 90-minute webline organized by the team of developers and experts to help you get used to navigation, strategies and basic functions. Users will also find suggestions for knowledge base articles in their dashboard, which are interactive and practical.
  • Over 800 application integrations on different platforms adapt to your existing system. Take full advantage of your subscriptions by integrating them into ActiveCampaign.
  • Hundreds of reactive email models to make a lasting impression on your potential customers. Emails well done for all occasions.
  • Create newsletter campaigns to be sent by e-mail. We can choose from a variety of options – triggered, sent, targeted, automatic responders, channels and programmed emails.
  • Save precious time with advanced automation for each scenario. Directly sending a thank you email for ordering comments on the product / service when the session is over.
  • Manage several sales funnels under one roof with client data organized with punctual monitoring with customers at the ideal time.
  • Transparent communication with customers by e-mail, SMS, social networks and on site. Talk directly to customers on the site itself to increase awareness and the call to action.


  • Online support is not always available as it should be
  • Lack of personalization of campaign dissemination parameters
  • Users must manually define the UT parameters to obtain full control over how the prospects are received on the site.
  • Resource-intensive application for computers and not suitable for older systems.


Price (invoiced annually)$ 9 / month$ 49 / month$ 149 / month
Destination pagesNoYesYes
Marketing automationYesYesYes
Automation of salesNoYesYes
Website messagingNoNoYes
Drag and drop the e-mail designerYesYesYes
API and WebhooksYesYesYes

2.5 Zoho CRM

Ideal for – companies that need a CRM capable of satisfying customers around the world

Zoho is no stranger to the business world, known for its web-based office suite that manages institutions and businesses around the world.

They have become a world leader in the provision of business tools that strengthen customer-business relationships at all levels. More than 250,000 companies worldwide trust Zoho CRM. The clientele includes Amazon, Suzuki, Bose and many others.

As with Omnisend, register for a free test by entering your email address, name and telephone number (did not request verification). You will arrive in the CRM dashboard after your registration.


  • There are a large number of data examples in each item and section to help you get started. You can take different tools and functions for a road test and get a variety of solutions that work for different data sizes.
  • Manage all your prospects through the management of prospects to identify, analyze and help prioritize the different prospects. Convert them to sales and save time that would otherwise be spent reading the mirage of reports.
  • Discover Canvas, a simple editor by dragging and dropping to create aesthetic sales pages with a high conversion. Build on integrated models created by internal artists, ranging from minimalism to industry-specific, which offer a broader perspective.
  • Offer customers a transparent brand experience thanks to CommandCenter, which orchestrates all departments in systematic coordination.
  • Create an omnican CRM to be able to interact in real time with customers who come into contact with your brand. These can be SMS, telephone, e-mail, social media or even client portals.
  • Keep a close eye on the real-time reports generated by Zoho CRM analyzes. Display multidimensional reports as a report template for easy analysis.
  • instantly generate quotes, invoices and scripts to transform potential customers into customers.


  • Initial customization takes time to configure
  • Gross integration for data sharing
  • No live cat support for quick questions and help
  • Complete navigation in the dashboard thanks to an increased number of functionalities


Price (invoiced annually)$ 14 / user / month$ 23 / user / month$ 40 / user / month
Tracks and contactsYesYesYes
Rating rules10 fields / module20 fields / module30 fields / module
Conversion by e-mailNoNoNo
Personalized fields by module10 fields155 fields300 fields
View on canvasNoNo3 views / user / module
Personalized reports100UnlimitedUnlimited


Ideal for – companies of all sizes looking for a tweak-based SaaS with an on-site installation.

Salesforce is a force to be reckoned with in online space. It provides a wide range of services, including a successful CRM, which does not disappoint.

Like others, there is a free two-week trial period without the need for a credit card.


  • The management of the sales pipeline, known as opportunity management, offers a visual way to show different potential customers. High priority success probabilities also inform you of competition, the business stage and more.
  • With Salesforce Engage, you can connect with your clients at a versatile level, giving them your full attention while working with a larger group of clients. Send personalized emails, find gaps in interaction, and monitor trends based on reports and analyzes of the conversation engine.
  • Share your files and folders anywhere with anyone. Collaborate with the team and search for files faster and without delay.
  • Take advantage of the unprecedented lead management mechanism. Create a visual chronology for the prospect, which helps send the conversions north. Follow each instant and each lead targeting activity from the CRM dashboard
  • Access the CRM dashboard from the mobile application when you are away. Collaborate, share files, accept offers on the move. There is also an option to create a custom mobile application.
  • Take business collaboration to another level with the social flow where you can find the experts and the right people to help you close the sale.
  • Provide automatic approvals for all types of commercial requests, approval of reduction offers, travel receipts and expense reports from specific groups of people.


  • Resource-hungry navigator tabs that can sometimes stop responding.
  • Personalized fields have a wider learning curve and are complex for beginners.
  • Duplication and matching of data rules is tedious to implement.
  • Error messages do not contain any information about what went wrong.


Price (annual)$ 25 / month$ 75 / month$ 150 / month
Account, contact, track andYesYesYes
Salesforce mobile applicationYesYesYes
Roles and skillsNo2 roles per organization.Unlimited
Personalizable reports and dashboardsYesYesYes
Sandbox for developersNoYesYes
Integration of Google AppsYesYesYes
Types of recording (per element)No3 types per objectUnlimited


Ideal for – B2B companies that specifically sell their services and products to businesses

Nutshell is growth software that supports your B2B needs without requiring dedicated IT service. The focus here is on collaboration, which facilitates collaboration between companies with large teams.

There is no free plan, but you can subscribe to a 14-day trial that does not require a credit card. You can even connect with your Google account.


  • Automate everything related to sales, from research to customer conclusion. Design your sales plan so that execution is easy in automation – label different actions and follow-up for different scenarios, while keeping your email search engine on autopilot.
  • Consult your sales and potential customers in the dashboard, which offers four different display modes: whiteboard, map, graph and list. It provides a solid analysis of sales where no detail goes unnoticed. In addition, hot prospects, piloted by AI, prioritize prospects with the greatest potential and the greatest success rate.
  • Customize reports in the way that suits you. Download reports ready to be presented, filled with information, easy to read and discuss during meetings with various departments.
  • Sometimes customers and prospects need to talk about certain departments outside of sales. Start conversations with customers and make sure to ensure maximum satisfaction.
  • Improve your email set by taking advantage of the custom email sequence tool to create special sales declines. Create a consistent mailing list directly on the dashboard to track conversations with success reports.
  • Make calls from the CRM application itself without ever leaving the dashboard. There is no ceiling for telephone numbering and registration in the application.
  • Integration of the integrated calendar with Google Calendar, Office 365, Exchange which requires no tedious configuration


  • Nutshell has problems with several attachments in emails
  • The search does not return precise results when company names containing special characters are involved ($, & or @)
  • The custom fields in the SWOT graph are not as intuitive as they should be. They are difficult to navigate.
  • The search for duplicate contacts does not take place until the import is complete.


Price / per user$ 19 / month$ 35 / month
Contact details and registrationUnlimitedUnlimited
Communication storiesYesYes
Funnel reportNoYes
Automatic assignment of leadsNoYes
Mass messages in one clickYesYes
Personal email sequencesNoYes


Ideal for – customers who need an affordable CRM solution with Cloud SaaS integration

How far can you go with just a well-organized organization chart ? Less than expected. We need the magic of automation as well as the supercharged CRM Agile functionality to get out of it.

Here, users benefit from the advantages of the cloud-based SaaS, adapted to mobiles and honestly fast to use.


  • Unilateral management of contacts with all usable data updated in real time. Synchronize with third-party emails – Gmail, Microsoft Exchange and Office 365. Other IMAP suppliers are also operating perfectly.
  • Allows glamification for the commercial service, ensures collaboration and better conversion of prospects thanks to correct sales monitoring. Promote healthy competition and collaboration within your sales team. In addition, create custom dashboards to determine who is leading the sales game.
  • Take advantage of the excellent page builder with a wide range of themes and custom models with a high conversion rate. Create reactive web pages with the block generator while integrating automated web forms.
  • Agile CRM pays particular attention to mobile marketing with the unrealized potential of competitors. Configure automatic responses, which send automatic tracking, confirmation and welcome messages, which broadcast a touch of personal communication.
  • Simplified ticket sales function in the CRM to resolve all customer questions without leaving them online for a long time.
  • Create intelligent customer support flows with standard responses and priority assignments to the various support representatives.
  • Effective integration with several social and commercial platforms. You can integrate Twilio and RingCentral to merge the call facilities into the system.


  • Applications not optimized for Android which must be updated and refined
  • No filtering offer based on contact information
  • Wider learning curve for beginners who have just started
  • Need to remove and recharge lead again when it gives a “hard rebound” instead of trying again from double recording


Price (invoiced annually)$ 9.99 / month$ 39.99 / month$ 64.99 / month
Contacts and companies10,00050,000Unlimited
Lead scoringYesYesYes
Call recordNoNoYes
Personalized offersNoYesYes
Campaign workers510Unlimited
API / day call5,00010,00025,000
Automation rules510Unlimited


Ideal for – Large companies looking for automatic conversions on existing customers.

The pole begins with Omnisend, where the focus is on increasing business sales while reducing the workload. Here are the three axes – e-mail marketing, SMS and automation via artificial intelligence.

Omnisend welcomes you with a free trial that does not require a credit card. Enter your email address to start directly with the free plan. There is an option to send a demo request. You will be contacted shortly to plan a live demonstration.


  • Transform your visitors into subscribers with catchy but simple registration forms. Engage the experience of your visitors with a wheel of fortune, which offers additional discounts and value, which encourages them to register.
  • Smart targeting popups to customize the time, action or type of pop-ups, depending on the activities of visitors.
  • Create incredible and affordable emails using incredible collections of beautiful models. You also have an easy-to-use email content editor that requires no coding knowledge. Stress letters with dynamic reduction codes that work based on purchasing history, basket items and more.
  • Take advantage of predefined automation workflows that consist of predefined messages, object lines and workflow parameters to start in a few minutes with your first automation.
  • Create advanced automation using the drag and drop work flow editor. Create / add channels to sequence without computer skills.
  • Take full advantage of the client / prospectus acquired by examining the segmentation of the client life cycle assisted by the AI to understand the clients who need to be rehired.
  • Overview for the detailed analysis of all campaign performance measures, usable and automated reports, get all of this on a single dashboard.


  • No initiation of welcome automation for subscription under the payment page.
  • Logged preview function, which fails to load all elements at certain times.
  • Lack of color patterns on the wheel for emails.
  • There are no themes for different occasions like Black Friday, July 4, etc.


Price$ 16 / month$ 59 / month
Reach contacts until250500Yes
E-mails500 / month.6000 / month.Unlimited
SMS Up to60 / month.60 / month.3.933 / month.
Web Push500UnlimitedUnlimited
Omnisend brandingMandatoryAlternativelyAlternatively
Advanced reportsNoNoYes
Development and collection adaptedYesYesYes


3.1 Will the installation of a good CRM automatically increase my sales ?

It would be a dream but unreasonable scenario just by distributing an excellent CRM alone. First and foremost, your service / product must be good enough to attract the interest of potential customers. Then your staff, made up of sales, support and backend, must provide the quality necessary to improve sales figures.

3.2 Is the free CRM service package sufficient for a small business ?

Most CRM systems offer a free plan or trial period to control things before opening your portfolio. Relying on the unpaid plan for your business is a risky proposition because it can have the opposite effect and cause more harm than good. You can quickly run out of free use, bandwidth and space credits.

3.3 What is the best CRM system for start-ups ?

Startups generally involve smaller teams with minimum requirements in terms of users and specializations. You can try Zoho CRM and Freshsales CRM, offering comprehensive tools and functionality that best suits small businesses.

3.4 Can you automate everything via CRM ?

We can automate the majority of functions in CRM after initial installation and integration with the existing system. Sales can be managed via automatic responders, assignments to sellers based on previous trends and achievements. Artificial intelligence can also prioritize different client segments to better serve them and maximize the conversion of prospects.

Marcus Eriksson is the founder of Private Proxy Guide and is passionate about everything related to privacy on the Internet. In his spare time, he prefers to go to the gym, play computer games, watch cartoons from the 90s and simply relax in silence.

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