Top 5 Best Proxy Providers for Web Scraping?

Top 5 Best Proxy Providers for Web Scraping?

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If you want to use their proxy service only for online navigation, they provide a complementary Chrome module. You can change the location, rotate your IP address and, of course, activate and deactivate it using the interface. NetNut offers a variety of monthly subscription levels and a free 7-day trial.

Oxylabs has a global network of around 70 million residential representatives that spans all countries and cities around the world. xyLabs provides not only proxy data center services, but also residential and IA assistance to help you analyze e-commerce sites with simplicity.

You can switch from a static IP address to a residential IP address immediately from your browser, which allows you to access geo-restricted websites. Because each user’s requests are unique, the firm offers many subscription options that vary in terms of bandwidth capacity.

Consider undertaking the best web scratching proxies ? Then you have to understand that the powers of attorney you are using have the potential to do or undo your project.

Come today to get suggestions on the main suppliers to the market.

Web scraping is a very rewarding activity. It allows you to retrieve data from any online source for educational, business or research purposes.

However, if you plan to scrape the web on a large scale, you will need proxys to succeed. otherwise, you will be banned by the website from which you scratch.

This is due to demand restrictions imposed by websites to prevent trafficking in robots, which only serve to increase the cost of operating the server on a website and to slow it down.

Some websites consider web scratching illegal and can sue you.

However, the fact is that online scratching can be legal or criminal depending on the technicality involved.

Whatever area you are in, you will need powers of attorney to succeed. This article will discuss the best web scratching proxies to use.

In addition, you will get suggestions for the best proxy API to use if you are not interested in proxys maintenance.

This article will tell you about the proper use and maintenance of proxy servers for web scratching.

In addition, recommendations on proxys to use for web scratching will be proposed.

6 different types of powers of attorney

It is essential to understand why you are using a proxy before using one, especially if there is a price to pay.

There are several types of servers, each with its own set of applications, advantages and disadvantages.

Let’s briefly examine the most frequently used proxies and why they are preferred to others:

1. Residential agents :

These IP addresses are indistinguishable from those of regular users.

IP addresses are unique and are supported by Internet service providers.

As a result, these proxys are the least likely to be banned or restricted, as websites have no reason to treat them differently from any other user.

2. Data center proxy :

While IP addresses are intended to reflect a virtual address on the Internet, they are not always associated with a physical location.

This is the situation with the data center cloud proxys.

The advantage of these proxys is often their speed and quantity, as hundreds of them can come from a single server.

Although each IP address is unique, they all belong to the same subnet, which means that a website can block all IP addresses associated with this subnet.

3. Public agents :

If you want to experiment for free with a variety of transparent, anonymous and elite proxys, you can do it.

Just look for public powers of attorney. These are available free of charge on the Internet and can be of great help if you know where to look for them.

However, a word of warning – some of these proxys may have been made accessible by pirates.

Some have done so to obtain personal information from those who use their proxies. Make sure you only use public powers of reputable suppliers.

4. High-level anonymous agents :

In addition, these servers are called elite proxys.

They completely mask your data and deceive websites by making them believe that the request comes from a regular user using the IP address of the proxy.

Since the site does not know the proxy, it is the most anonymous and least risky choice.

5. Anonymous agents :

These are the essentials. The agent does not communicate your IP address to the website, but rather identifies as a proxy.

As a result, you maintain a certain level of anonymity while the website is aware that it does not obtain your information.

Since the site knows that it is accessible using a proxy, it can refuse your request.

6. Transparent agents :

Unlike other types of proxies, transparent proxies do not conceal your identity and do not change the response of the website.

Its sole purpose is to serve as a protective layer between you and the site.

As such, it is able to record your activities and block requests to certain websites.

These proxys are generally used in businesses and educational institutions to monitor and regulate more effectively what users do on the Internet.

Why do you need proxys for web scratching ?

Bypass the IP block :

Proxy servers allow you to access prohibited websites due to your IP address

This is often due to the fact that you have sent spam to a website or to another user of the same network.

This is particularly critical if you have not used a proxy and your true IP address has been blacklisted.

Access location-specific data:

Consider that you live in Norway and that you want to get a Google UK list

How are you going to do that ? Keep in mind that announcements can change depending on your location.

You can either move to the UK or use British proxy services.

UK powers of attorney are the best option because they are cheaper and take less time.

However, you will get the same result as someone who lives in the UK.

Excessive requests :

Each website can limit the number of requests it authorizes from a certain IP address

He will stop all additional requests if he tries to exceed this limit.

Therefore, the number of times your device can scrape web pages is limited. Proxys can provide additional IP addresses that can be used to circumvent the restriction.

10 best web scratching proxies 2022

Proxys for web scratching are more effective when configured to operate on the target website.

Due to the unique nature of each website, each website has an anti-spam and anti-grape mechanism.

We can still agree since proxy companies provide proxies that work even with the most complex websites.

We will provide suggestions for proxy home services as well as the proxy service data center.

Although mobile proxys are often the best option, they are not as profitable as proxy home services.

If you need help scraping the web, Intoli’s abilities include the ability to automatically identify robot blocking efforts, re-test unsuccessful requests and offer a headless browser to your scrap.

In addition, you can define the geographic location from which your request comes and even use persistent sessions to preserve certain IP addresses

Are you interested in using the data? Intoli offers an analytical dashboard to track your success rate and your use of the data, as their payment depends on the use of bandwidth.

If you want a personalized plan, you can contact the company and discuss your needs, or you can choose a monthly subscription, the lowest of which starts at $ 200 per Go.

Bright Data is a data and proxy extraction provider with more than 70 million simple IP addresses to use and requiring no coding or infrastructure.

Their product includes predefined models, a browser extension that allows you to directly select items from your browser with integrated artificial intelligence to extract your data, and a code editor that allows you to customize where the search should be performed, what needs to be done, and what data should be extracted.

Bright Data offers a diverse range of rotary proxys, including more than 700,000 XNUMX data center proxies and even mobile residential proxys.

If you just want a proxy service, the organization offers some payment options for residential IP.

You can pay as you go for $ 17.50 per Go, or subscribe to a monthly subscription for $ 500 per month or even an annual subscription for a 10% discount.

The rates vary for their data collection service, the least monthly subscription package costing $ 350 per month.

Offering proxys from 14 different countries, unlimited bandwidth and more than 300,000 XNUMX IP addresses of data centers, Blazing SEO A simple and pleasant API allows you to automate the administration of your proxy for the extraction of data. of electronic commerce on a daily basis.

In addition, the company offers home proxys for beta tests, but only to a few selected consumers who meet their standards.

Their pricing model is distinct from the others discussed so far, as they sell each proxy separately and provide discounts based on the number of IP addresses purchased.

For example, if you want between 5 and 99 IP proxy, dedicated PIs cost $ 1.40 each; but, if you need 100 to 999 proxys, the price drops to $ 1.33 for each proxy.

To test their service, they offer a free two-day package comprising five proxies, and client companies can request special test packages with more proxies.

Quick links :

HomeIP is a proxy service provider with approximately 13 million dynamic homes IP addresses

Although they do not provide web scraping services, their proxy management system is fairly easy to integrate into your project.

With IP addresses in more than 157 countries, you can access information from any part of the globe, and if you have the room, you can also target cities.

In terms of price, their entry-level subscription is $ 85 per month and includes 5 GB of traffic; if you select city targeting, the price increases to $ 160 per month for the same volume of traffic.

They offer a free seven-day test to IT and technology organizations, as well as a three-day reimbursement guarantee if the chosen plan does not meet your requests or if you wish to reconsider your choice.

GeoSurf is a proxy service that provides residential, mobile and VPN office proxies, and sneaker proxies.

What are these dummy sneaker accounts ? They are mainly used for sneaker robots, which are basket addition programs to help you get these limited edition and other Air Jordans.

They allow you to host multiple IP addresses simultaneously, allowing you to access more items.

In addition, GeoSurf includes a browser plugin that encrypts your Internet activities.

You can switch from a static IP address to a residential IP address immediately from your browser, which allows you to access geo-restricted websites.

Because each user’s requests are unique, the company offers many subscription options that vary in terms of capacity bandwidth.

For $ 450 per month, the database offers 38 GB of storage and residential IP addresses in more than 130 countries.

With access to more than 100 million IP addresses worldwide, OxyLabs provides not only proxy data center services, but also residential services and AI support to help you analyze e-commerce sites with simplicity. .

Their artificial intelligence is intended to help you analyze the data collected, return the JavaScript to the web page and manage anti-bot countermeasures such as CAPTCHA

Regarding geographic targeting, OxyLabs offers a map showing their proxy sites worldwide, allowing you to choose not only the nation but also the city.

This is a really useful function because they provide IP addresses from almost all countries.

The organization manages proxy rotations to provide consumers with better scraping experience. If you want even faster proxys, OxyLabs offers SOCKS5 proxys.

If you choose to use data center proxys, you will have unlimited bandwidth and will only be billed for the number of proxys you use.

However, if you choose to use residential proxys, the costs will be determined by the amount of bandwidth used.

For example, their lowest monthly subscription is $ 300 for 20 GB of bandwidth.

Zyte attends not only with their proxy service, but also with a data extraction tool.

You just need to enter the URL of the website you want to retrieve from their proxy manager and you will get the data in an organized manner.

If you are active enough, Zyte can handle 11 billion requests per month for you.

However, if you don’t need to scrape so many web pages, you can settle for less.

Their entry-level membership fee is $ 29 per month and includes a limit of 50 50 requests and XNUMX simultaneous requests.

Any set you choose includes proxys rotation, geolocation, new automated attempts and proxy optimization.

The main proxy type of Zyte is the data center proxy, however, you can also contact their support team and request access to residential IP addresses.

These services will have separate pricing structures since they will be billed by bandwidth rather than by demand.

Although this company does not include an exploration or scraper robot, the proxy services they provide can easily be connected to such products and work well by other means.

After selecting the desired location, NetNut automatically selects the optimal proxy for maximum performance.

They provide instructions on how to combine their solution with many popular websites. scraping technologies.

Although the method is simple, it is rather expensive due to the use of additional articles.

If you want to use their proxy service only for online navigation, they provide a complementary Chrome module. You can change the location, rotate your IP address and, of course, activate and deactivate it using the interface.

Are you curious to know the amount of bandwidth you have used ? NetNut provides a real-time dashboard that displays information about your overall consumption, your use by country and the volume of your requests.

NetNut offers a variety of monthly subscription levels and a free 7-day trial.

Although Shifter is not designed for site scraping, its proxys can be used for this purpose.

This supplier not only provides residential proxys and data centers, but also offers shared proxies.

Their quality is identical to that of dedicated proxys, but if you choose this kind of proxys, you can also share an IP address with one or two other customers.

This can lead to slower scratching experience and a higher probability of blocking, but they are cheaper !

If you are interested in a shared proxy plan, they provide ten for $ 30 a month, while dedicated residential proxies cost $ 50 a month for the same number of ports.

Have you underestimated your scraping needs and bought an insufficient pack ? Do not worry; they offer a 3-day repayment guarantee to help you reconsider your purchase.

We can proudly say that WebScrapingAPI provides access to more than 100 million proxys, with the possibility of using data centers or residential servers.

In addition, the API manages the rotation of the proxy between calls, reducing the user to some of its responsibilities.

WebScrapingAPI offers four membership levels, one of which is completely free but lacks geographic targeting functionality.

The following plan allows you to choose places within the United States, while the other two allow you to choose from a list of 12 other nations for the origin of your requests.

If you choose a tailor-made plan, you can extend your pool of nations to more than 195 places, however, it depends on the size of your project.

How much each plan costs ? Depending on your needs, more precisely the number of API queries, and not the amount of bandwidth used.

Also, you don’t need to worry; only successful calls will be included in the monthly total.

WebScrapingAPIs’ prices are fairly competitive, the simplest plan costing only $ 20 a month for 200,000 XNUMX requests for successful APIs ; But, if you choose a tailor-made plan, you can add additional features such as geolocation, dedicated assistance and personalized scripts.

How many proxys do you need ?

The majority of agents suppliers condition their tariff plans according to the number of powers of attorney, which is an intrinsic request to most companies.

What is the optimal number of proxys to buy ?

In short, it depends. Although this is an odious answer, let me clarify.

Remember how websites use flow limitation software ? Because we have no way of knowing what the website restriction is until we inspect its code, all we can do is guess. It is, guessing intelligently.

Websites have flow constraints, but they do not want to jeopardize legitimate human trafficking.

Suppose that an actual individual cannot make more than ten requests per minute, especially if the website contains a lot of material.

Since the individual can open many tabs, a large number of requests can be made in seconds.

However, there will always be an expectation between requests while the individual reads the text.

Taking into account our estimate of ten requests per minute, the estimated calculation of the number of requests that an actual individual can make in one hour is approximately 600.

Assuming that the sites have placed their flow limits around this amount, it is preferable to configure each of your proxys to transmit 600 requests per hour or less.

Of course, individual sites can have much tougher or more lax restrictions.

The second factor to assess is the overall flow of the scrap or the number of requests it can send every hour.

If your system is capable of processing 60,000 XNUMX URL per hour, the following will be true:

60,000,600 URLs divided by 100 (approximate flow limit) correspond to XNUMX IP addresses of proxy server.

To circumvent the price restriction of a website, you will need 100 proxys.

This is an approximate estimate based on a variety of assumptions and ultimately depends on the scratch machine you are using.

How much information can he deliver in an hour ? Just divide it by 600 queries, or, as a precaution, reduce it to 300 or 500.

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Conclusion: the best web scratching proxies 2022

When using web scraping to collect information about competitors, email addresses or other data from a website, using a proxy protects your identity and prevents the addition of your true IP address to blocking lists.

Proxy scrapers allow you to keep your robots safe and explore websites indefinitely.

Although various lists of free proxies are available online, not all of them include proxies of comparable quality.

Keep in mind the risks associated with using free proxys.

You may connect to the one hosted by a hacker, a government organization, or just someone who tries to inject their ads into each response provided by a website.

This is why it is prudent to use free proxy services provided by reputable websites.

Having a list of free proxys allows you to avoid dealing with black lists since you can easily switch to another proxy if an IP address is prohibited.

If you have to reuse an IP address for web scraping, it will be worth paying for a service that provides assistance and operates its proxies so that you don’t have to worry about falling at the worst possible time.

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