How to choose an apartment on plan?

How to choose an apartment on plan?

Choose your apartment on plan in 2020: instructions for use

Buy his apartment on plan

Choosing an apartment on a plan in 2020 can cause some apprehension. In fact, the good not yet built, it is necessary to collect all the elements allowing to project oneself as best as possible. Here are the fundamental points to be addressed in order to make a peaceful decision.

The apartment on plan

Apart from 3D models, apartment plans are the best tools available to the buyer to have a concrete vision of future housing. However, for optimal understanding, certain information deserves to be developed.

What is an apartment on the plan ?

Also called VEFA (sale in the future state of completion), the purchase of an apartment on plan in 2020 comes down to a contract binding two parties: the property developer and the future owner. The former is responsible for construction work. He undertakes to deliver to the second accommodation faithful to the plans which appear in the contract. These documents contain all the main information on housing: its price, its dimensions, its surface, the arrangement of parts, its situation (internal and external) as well as its equipment (private and common parts). They also indicate the schedule of fundraising calls for the progress of the work. As the building has not yet been constructed, the signing of a reservation contract is compulsory. It is a specificity of the sale on plan. Most of the time, the dwellings that make up the building are sold before construction has even started.

How to read the plans of his apartment ?

Made available to the purchaser, the 4 plans of the apartment are full of details. However, some information deserves to be dissected. Certain elements which seem innocuous on paper have concrete effects in the daily life of the occupants:

  1. The situation plan provides information on the location of future housing in the building. It lets you know whether or not you have a vis-à-vis. Thus, an apartment called “crossing” will benefit from both a street and a courtyard view while ensuring good air circulation.
  2. The floor plan indicates on which floor the apartment will be located. Depending on its height, the brightness of the accommodation will not be the same.
  3. The ground plane designates the surface occupied by the building on its land.
  4. The plan of the apartment shows the arrangement of the parts and tells us about the structure:
  • The hatched lines indicate dubbed walls, which have good thermal insulation.
  • The fine lines represent the partitions. They can be removed safely because they are not carriers.
  • Two parallel lines or a thick line correspond to a load-bearing wall.
  • Rounded or dotted lines describe the opening of doors and windows.
  • The circles indicate that the room was designed to accommodate a wheelchair.

The location of future equipment is represented by acronyms:

  • ATT: connection for household appliances
  • CH: boiler
  • CUI: cooking block
  • F: window
  • LL: washing machine
  • LV: dishwasher
  • PL: closet
  • R or FR: refrigerator
  • SS: towel dryer
  • TE: electrical panel
  • VB: low ventilation
  • VH: high ventilation
  • VMC: controlled mechanical ventilation

Other useful abbreviations:

  • ALL: space between the bottom of the window and the floor.
  • HSFP: height under false ceiling

On a corner of the plan, a wind rose indicates the orientation of the accommodation, allowing to know its exposure to the sun. Thus, it will benefit from the morning shelves if it is in the East, and those at the end of the day if it is in the West. The dimensions of each room are also specified. These are generally represented on a 1/100 scale, so 1 centimeter on the plane actually equals 1 meter.

The selection of the apartment on plan

Choosing an apartment is not limited to simple criteria of price and comfort. Other elements, such as the choice of promoter or the mortgage rate, should be taken into account. The important thing is to have an overview before committing.

The stages of a plan sale

Doing a good deal requires some investigation and anticipation. In order to avoid couacs, it is recommended to inquire as much as possible about the apartment itself as about administrative tasks. We must first define what will be the use of this new apartment. Does the future owner wish to live there or rent it out ? If he buys it to live there, he will have to prioritize certain parameters such as orientation or isolation. Selling on a plan excluding by definition visits, gathering as much relevant information as possible, remains the only way to project yourself. As for those who wish to rent, they will make the location their main selection criterion to quickly find tenants. It will therefore be necessary to seek proximity with shops, public transport, and even schools. You then have to choose your real estate developer. It is he who accompanies the future owner in the administrative procedures linked to the project. Once these first two stages have passed, comes the signing of the reservation contract. It allows the buyer to reserve the accommodation. Once signed, this document constitutes a purchase commitment. It also includes the estimated time for the execution of the works, as well as the deadline for the final sale contract. A security deposit is requested by the property developer after the document has been signed: it is equal to 5% of the total price of the property. After the reservation contract, comes the signing of the loan contract. He is chosen between the buyer and his bank. Once the credit is accepted, the promoter must be informed to announce the date of payment of the funds. The future owner and the seller then meet with the notary to sign the final act. The sales contract in 2020 consists of the plan of the apartment, a list of the services of the new building (parking, local, etc.), the draft authentic instrument, the descriptive state of division, the price, payment terms and delivery time. Finally, the samples will be staggered at the pace of the work, until 95% of the total amount is paid. The remaining 5% will be payable at the time of delivery of the new accommodation.

The traps to avoid

The most advantageous apartments are quickly stormed. This can push the buyer to rush and cause him to make mistakes. Here are some tips to avoid missteps.

  • The choice of apartment: List the advantages and disadvantages of each accommodation that we have in mind (the arrangement of the parts, the brightness, the surface, the location, the price, etc.). Do not neglect additional information such as the neighborhood (retired, students, families …) or the future of the neighborhood (prolonged RER line).
  • The choice of real estate developer: It is advisable to carry out your own investigation by verifying its reputation. It is possible to know in a few clicks its financial situation, the programs in which he has already participated, feedback from customers, if he is hired by a quality or environmental label such as NF or HQE. The other key element is the “feeling” that you can have (or not) with the promoter. He is the buyer’s reference interlocutor on administrative procedures and the progress of works. A relationship of mutual trust will guarantee good communication and reduce the likelihood of conflict.
  • The reservation contract: If the purchaser wishes to make modifications, such as adding a new document, he must indicate this before signing the reservation contract. After this stage, it will be too late. Obviously, it is strongly recommended to check the list of elements of the contract before signing. As for the amount claimed for the deposit of guarantee, it cannot exceed 5% of the sale price if the sales contract is signed within 1 year; 2% if it is between 1 and 2 years. Beyond that, nothing can be asked of the buyer. A withdrawal period of 10 days has now been authorized since the adoption of the Macron law (article 210). It is also possible to sign the contract under suspensive condition for obtaining a mortgage. If it is not granted, the buyer is no longer obliged to buy the property.
  • The handing over of the keys: Better to equip yourself with one meter and the description documents of the apartment and then take the time to spot any hidden defects. Do not hesitate to take photos. Until the faults are arranged, the buyer is not required to pay the last 5% of the total purchase amount.

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