Best robot vacuum cleaner on the market: Comparative?

Best robot vacuum cleaner on the market: Comparative?

What is a robot vacuum cleaner ?

As the name suggests, the robot vacuum cleaner is a fully autonomous device with a single mission: to clean the floor of a home. These machines have been in existence since the 1990s, but it was not until 2009 that they managed to attract the attention of consumers.

The reason is simple ! Robot vacuum cleaners have a technology that allows them to meet all expectations, even the most advanced. Programmable as needed, these cleaning robots suck all the dirt and trash that is in the passage.

Thanks to their infrared sensory sensors, they avoid the obstacles that stand in front of them. After finishing the job, these robots will return to their food terminal.

The market for robot vacuum cleaners has been growing in recent years. However, he noted that this device, although it is a technology concentrate, is not as effective as the conventional vacuum cleaner. Test results and read opinions on the comparisons of the best robot vacuum cleaners advise to reserve it for additional use.

Who is it for ?

The robot vacuum cleaner that is at the center of this comparison is a futuristic gadget. In addition to displaying an avant-garde design, this cleaning device embeds cutting-edge technology allowing it to suck up dust independently.

Some users are surely wondering who this machine is intended for. The truth is that there is no exact answer to this question, because the robot vacuum cleaner is a device designed to meet the needs of all user profiles. In this sense, it will be just as useful for households that have little time to devote to cleaning, as it is for those who have some to spare.

This device will exempt seniors and people with reduced mobility from this task. The robot vacuum cleaner will also be sure to satisfy people who have a huge interest in new technologies.

Note from the expert: You have only a short time to devote to cleaning your floors and the robot will often be put into service in your absence, I recommend a high-end vacuum cleaner, powerful and intelligent. Your constraints are a little more flexible, an average range device or even a first price can meet them while ensuring complete cleaning of your floors.

How a robot vacuum cleaner works ?

The robot vacuum cleaner is an autonomous cleaning machine. In other words, he performs the tasks for which he was programmed on his own, without the intervention of his owner. In terms of its operation, this device incorporates the same principles as the classic vacuum cleaner. The rotary brushes at its base push the dirt towards the center of the machine which sucks them and direct them towards the bin equipped with a filter.

Most of the models that exist on the market are equipped with a system that allows them to avoid or circumvent obstacles. More intuitive models embark on a geolocation radar by which they can determine the cleaning route themselves. This second category includes the best, according to tests and opinions from the comparisons of the best robot vacuum cleaners.

These robots are equipped with a battery that offers them an autonomy of about an hour, or even a little less than that, and have the capacity to reach their station. He will recharge there patiently awaiting his next outing.

Benefits & fields of application

The robot vacuum cleaner is a device that lends itself to one use: cleaning. However, the analysis of the comparisons of the best vacuuming robots has highlighted several advantages and fields of application for this single product.

The cleaning robot turns out to be a major ally for animal owners. Many comparisons describe robots as an essential accessory for people who live with cats and dogs. Being able to suck the hairs, the litter projections and the traces of legs of your dog after putting it in its transport bag, this device guarantees a considerable time savings.

This robot is also essential for families with young children whose parents are absorbed in work. After a long day at work, the last thing you want to do is vacuum. This is where the purchase of the best vacuum robot makes sense. Even if the children are very active and mess up everywhere, the robot helps to keep the house clean, or at least the busiest rooms.

Some people care about the environmental impact of these robot cleaners. The power consumption raises some concerns and apprehensions which is completely normal. If you are part of this minority, know that there is nothing to worry about. According to customer tests and opinions, the consumption of the best robots is equivalent to that of a 40 W bulb which remains on all year round.

Vacuum robots will help seniors and people with reduced mobility to live in a relatively clean environment while waiting for a loved one or an assistant to come for the household.

Cleaning efficiency and time saving are the two main advantages highlighted by the comparative tests of the best vacuum robots. However, it would be unfair not to mention their playful aspect.

What types of robot vacuum cleaners exist ?

The best vacuuming robots are categorized according to their modes of movement. Thus, you will have to choose between:

The vacuum robot with random movement mode

Vacuum robots with random movement mode are the most numerous on the market. Their operating principle is very simple. Once active, the robot performs its cleaning mission along a random trajectory.

In principle, the robot moves straight or in a spiral, and when faced with an obstacle, it will seek to circumvent it. From there, he will follow another path.

The advantages :

  • The vacuum robot with random displacement mode is fairly basic, but it does the job properly. In empty rooms, this robot has been surprisingly effective.

The disadvantages :

  • by dint of ironing in the same place, it may be that this robot can no longer turn away from an obstacle and block on the spot. However, this dysfunction is rare among the best models.

The vacuum robot with systematic displacement mode

More elaborate, this robot relies on the data collected by it to move. Using its system, the device will map the room and save the location of the furniture before defining the best route. The risks of this robot coming back to the same place are rare.

The advantages :

  • The robot with a systematic displacement mode also includes ultraviolet soil sterilization rays and a cleaning wipe. Equipped with a vacuum sensor, the best cleaning robot is capable of detecting the presence of a staircase.

The disadvantages :

  • Sometimes the robot refuses to clean a carpet because it considers it an obstacle. According to opinions and tests, this problem would also affect the creations of some of the best manufacturers today.

Information on the 7 main manufacturers / brands

The vacuum robot market has over a hundred manufacturers. However, customer reviews and tests consulted on comparisons demonstrate that the best of them are:

  • Dyson
  • Rowenta
  • Neato Robotics
  • Philips
  • iRobot
  • Bosch

Dyson is a relatively young brand, since it was not founded in the United Kingdom until 1992. Despite this slight handicap, Dyson quickly became a benchmark in the vacuum cleaner segment. His creations are notably renowned for their innovative design and their aspiration performance. Like its competitors, Dyson continues to push the limits of technology in order to offer its customers intuitive and easy-to-take products.

Rowenta’s story began very early in the 19th century, more precisely in 1880, the year of its creation by German industrialist Robert Weintraud. When it started, this manufacturer had dedicated himself to creating office supplies, clocks and lamps, before turning to household appliances. Investing in new technologies to improve the daily lives of consumers is the leitmotif of the brand, even after it was bought by SEB in 1980. This is the reason why this mark is frequently found in the comparative tests of the best vacuum cleaners today. In the very competitive segment of robot vacuum cleaners, Rowenta is a figurehead. Its latest creation is the cheapest, but one of the best performers on the market.

The American brand Neato Robotics specializes in robot vacuum cleaners who seduce with their design and on-board technology. In recent years, the brand has become a benchmark in the best comparative. After passing the performance, autonomy and impact resistance tests, Neato Robotics vacuum cleaners get the best marks and best reviews from the testers. In its product catalog, Neato Robotics offers users a string of accessories allowing them to maintain their vacuum cleaners themselves. Its best products also have the advantage of being connected. All it takes is a smartphone, tablet, computer or even “smart watch” to program them.

Another accustomed to comparative tests of the best household appliances, Philips is a brand that it is no longer useful to present in detail. In operation for over a hundred years, the Dutch manufacturer offers the best robot vacuum cleaners on the market. If this manufacturer has managed to stay at the top of his art for so many years, it is mainly because of his obsessive need to innovate. Note that Philips spends almost 7% of its turnover on its research and development program for new projects. The design of these creations does not cause unanimity, of course, but on the performance side, there is nothing to complain about these. The vacuum robots that are among its flagship products are suitable for all categories of users.

For many comparative tests, iRobot is the most innovative brand in the vacuum robot sector. It is this manufacturer who is behind all the important innovations in this area. Her robot, which she called the Roomba, is the one that has attracted the most consumers around the world. Nearly 5 million copies have passed upon release. High suction performances, very good autonomy and ease of programming, these are the criteria that make iRobot vacuuming robots collect such good opinions in comparative studies.

Although it is mainly recognized for its range of televisions and smartphones, LG Electronics also excels in the production of household appliances. According to opinions and tests, the vacuum robots manufactured by the South Korean multinational are those which enjoy the best value for money.

Bosch is a German brand with more than 100 experience in the household appliance sector, especially in conventional vacuum cleaners. For the record, Bosch was the first to have equipped long-wire vacuum cleaners with sparrows. Bosch has always relied on quality and ergonomics. This is what earned him to be regularly presented in the comparisons of the best household appliances, whatever they were.

Examples of product evaluation

For many opinions in the comparisons, the best vacuuming robots are:

Neato Robotics Botvac D7

Botvac D7 is easily recognized by its D-shaped shape which is a distinctive feature of Neato Robotics robot vacuum cleaners. Neato Robotics Botvac D7 is one of the best products on the market when you take into account what it has under the shell.

His laser rangefinder allows him to map in a very short time the room he is responsible for cleaning. Since it is connected, the user will not have to use the keys to program it. Everything is done with a smartphone from the dedicated application.

In addition to being easily programmable, the Neato Robotics Botvac D7 benefits from several modes of operation. Depending on their cleaning needs, the user can choose between the eco, turbo, complete or localized mode. In addition, it is possible to access mapping and summaries of household sessions for better use of the device.

The Neato Robotics Botvac D7 has good autonomy, but when its battery drops to less than 38%, it will automatically return to its station to recharge.
Maintaining this device will not be of any particular concern. Its 0.7 L dust tank is easily reachable and drainable.

The Neato Robotics Botvac D7 only seems to offer advantages, which explains its fairly high price and which confuses certain users.

The advantages :

  • Excellent autonomy.
  • High suction performance.
  • Quick mapping of the room to clean.
  • Dust bin easy to empty.

The disadvantages :

  • A cost that does not cause unanimity among users.

iRobot Roomba 960

iRobot is considered by many comparative opinions as the benchmark in the vacuum robot segment. A real technology concentrate, her latest model, which she called Roomba 960, sports a compact design that allows her to sneak everywhere, even in the most cramped places in a room.

The iRobot Roomba 960 is not the first of its kind to operate with visual navigation, but its system is probably the most successful. No obstacle escapes its sensors. It is thanks to these same rangefinders that the Roomba 960 can modify and adapt its trajectory in real time.

In this comparative test, the iRobot Roomba 960 is the one with the battery alone to provide more than 75 minutes of autonomy. In terms of aspiration proper, the Roomba 960 is 5 times more powerful than its older brothers. Opinions even certify that it would be able to clear the air of 99% of the allergens.

Other information that could convince you to opt for the iRobot Roomba 960, it comes with a refill base, a spare filter, a virtual wall and a power cord.

The advantages :

  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Ensures good suction.
  • Very long autonomy.

The disadvantages :

Rowenta RR7157WH

In its marketing arguments, Rowenta often highlights the suction power of its vacuum cleaners. This is therefore the criterion that is most often tested on the comparisons of the best vacuuming robots. Rest assured, Rowenta’s product range is not likely to disappoint, including its RR7157WH

This vacuum robot is intuitive and capable of easily detecting false obstacles like carpets. This helps popularize it enormously among animal owners like cats. In addition, its various types of brushes and the 4 suction modes allow it to work effectively on all soils.

Ultrasensitive, its sensors prevent it from falling on the stairs, freezing in front of a carpet or turning around. Combined with its most appreciable autonomy, the Rowenta RR7157WH imposes itself as the vacuum robot to own.

The advantages :

  • Very beautiful design.
  • Acceptable autonomy.
  • Innovative mapping system.
  • Effective against animal hair.

The disadvantages :

  • The dedicated application is difficult to take in hand.
  • The deprogramming poses some concerns.

The advantages and disadvantages described in customer comments

Making a comparison is the only way to secure a winning purchase. But so that you can form an objective opinion on the vacuum robot, discover below the advantages and disadvantages described in the comments of the customers :

The advantages put forward by consumers :

  • The best vacuum robots benefit from applications that are intuitive and easy to understand. Once programmed, these devices will get to work with sometimes disconcerting intelligence.
  • Mapping is a functionality often highlighted in comparisons. The best robots are equipped with a system allowing them to map a part and anticipate cleaning. Devoid of this option, the device tends to move at random.
  • Robots are delivered with accessories which is very encouraging. Filters, spare batteries and brushes are of great help when the robot does not perform an auxiliary function.
  • Compared to conventional vacuum cleaners, the vacuum robot is remarkably silent.
  • These autonomous cleaning machines have a wide choice of functionalities. Indeed, it is up to the consumer to choose the hours of functionality, the suction mode, the action height of the brushes.
  • Vacuum robots are real all-terrain vehicles. They are able to quickly deviate from a trajectory and face the constraints of the ground. The best of them easily step over the carpets, even the thickest.
  • Little mentioned in the comparisons, vacuuming robots are easy to maintain.
  • The latest vacuum robots would be able to wash the floor after aspiration.
  • By avoiding banging or falling down the stairs, the sensors drastically increase the longevity of the device.
  • When the battery reaches a certain power level, the robot stops cleaning to go and recharge.

The disadvantages pointed out by consumers

  • Unfortunately, the power so praised by manufacturers is just marketing arguments. It is disappointing to see crumbs after the robot has passed.
  • Too compact, devices cannot clean below furniture and a room corner. This forces the consumer to come back behind him.
  • The accuracy of the mapping is approximate. The vacuum robot stumbles all the time on an obstacle.
  • Entry-level models do not include French in the selection of languages.
  • The robot automatically goes to sleep when it gets lost on its trajectory. This greatly affects his autonomy.
  • The configuration of its wheels does not allow it to cross a carpet.
  • The dust bin is not large enough. Daily cleaning should be planned.
  • The lack of accessories forces consumers to buy them. This deprives them of the device for a few days.
  • Autonomy does not live up to consumer expectations.
  • The robot’s loading time is very long. Sometimes it takes 4 hours for the battery to get a full charge.

Frequent deficiencies and inadequacies – “what to watch when purchasing a robot vacuum cleaner ? “

Still with the aim of acquiring the best robot vacuum cleaner, here are the criteria that must be scrutinized before buying a robot vacuum cleaner:
The design of the robot vacuum cleaner is important, but not as much as its dimensions.

For cleaning to take place in the best possible conditions, the device must be compact enough to sneak under the furniture and between obstacles like the cat tree. It is therefore necessary to raise the diameter and the thickness of the robot vacuum cleaner. However, the weight does not matter, unless the machine is intended for the habitation of a senior.

Before the robot vacuum cleaner comes into play, it must be programmed. The models presented in this comparison are easy to take in hand, which is not the case for other models. If the vacuum cleaners are not connected, it will be impossible to start them remotely.

All robot vacuum cleaners collect dust and dirt from a bag. This is accessible from above, below or at the rear of the device. As always, the capacity of the tank varies depending on the manufacturer, but on average, you are entitled to 0.4 l. According to customer tests and opinions, the volume of the tank is only a minor detail. It can be wide without filling easily. It all depends on the use and programming of the robot vacuum cleaner.

If you have a pet, a vacuum cleaner will be of great use to keep a clean interior. However, you have to choose the model and especially its suction mode. According to tests and customer reviews, a robot vacuum cleaner with a rotary brush with hair is not the best choice to make. Prefer a device that is capable of properly sucking the fibers of which animal hair is a part.

What science says about the robot vacuum cleaner ?

Science is very optimistic about the future of robot vacuum cleaners. Remember that the invention of this machine dates from the 1990s and that the first innovations that can be described as revolutionary date from the 2000s.

Since then, constant progress has been made regarding battery autonomy, noise and without forgetting connectivity. Several dozen avenues can still be explored in order to offer better experience to users.

In the near future, robot vacuum cleaners should have an artificial intelligence a hundred times more efficient than current tracking and mapping systems.

New to come

To completely rid it of dirt and spots, a soil needs to be washed with water. More recently, robots that act as both vacuum cleaner and mop have appeared. This is not really a novelty, but this hybrid device has the assets necessary to dethrone the robot vacuum cleaner.

After vacuuming, the robot, which comes in the form of a large puck, sprays a mixture of water and cleaning product on the ground that a wipe wipes. According to tests and opinions from the consumer community, the vacuum robot for a mop would be the future of cleaners like this.

Alternatives to the robot vacuum cleaner

There are different alternatives to the robot vacuum cleaner on the market, but the best of them remains the vacuum cleaner-ball according to advice and tests. It is true that the aspirator-balai does not operate autonomously, but it has the merit of being more powerful and very easy to handle compared to the vacuum cleaner-train.

Devoid of the wire, its collection tank is on the handle which facilitates the emptying of dust. In terms of autonomy, the aspirator-balai defends itself fairly well. Its battery can guarantee it a good hour of activity.

Today, comparative tests like ours are so precise and elaborate that Internet users can find products that meet their needs as soon as possible.

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How can I empty my robot vacuum cleaner ?

How to empty a robot vacuum cleaner depends on its design by the manufacturer. But in general, it is enough to remove the bin which is below or inside the robot vacuum cleaner. After emptying it, you have to clean it and then replace it.

Do I have to maintain my robot vacuum cleaner regularly ?

To give it a chance to last a few years, you must maintain its robot vacuum cleaner regularly, starting with the brushes and the filter.

I often hear about a virtual wall: what exactly is it ?

This is the delimitation area within which the robot vacuum cleaner intervenes.

My robot vacuum cleaner goes around in circles: what should I do ?

When a robot vacuum cleaner goes around in circles, it means that it is malfunctioning. If after a restart the problem persists, it is preferable to use the guarantee and to contact the after-sales service

What is the perfect robot vacuum cleaner for cleaning corners ?

The D-shaped robot vacuum cleaner is ideal for cleaning corners.

My robot vacuum cleaner does not emit any sound: is this normal ?

Yes, the robot vacuum cleaner is known to be very quiet. If no sound comes from it, don’t worry.

Are all robot vacuum cleaners made of animal hair ?

According to tests and opinions, vacuum cleaners do not react in the same way to hair.

Should I give up the traditional vacuum cleaner for the robot vacuum cleaner ?

No ! The classic vacuum cleaner is much more efficient than the robot vacuum cleaner. According to opinions, the robot vacuum cleaner should be reserved for occasional cleaning.

Should I prefer the robot vacuum cleaner to the hand vacuum cleaner ?

These two devices do not have the same use, so no point of comparison exists. Ideally, you have to have both.

Does a robot vacuum cleaner consume a lot of electricity ?

In theory, a robot vacuum cleaner consumes the equivalent of a 40 W bulb, but this can vary from brand to brand.

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